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Save Thousand, Get Thousands is a multi-state real estate brokerage throughout Florida, Georgia, and Illinois that has represented thousands of home sellers and buyers of homes throughout the State of Florida and Illinois.  We can have your home listed in 3 business days or can find you a home to buy immediately depending upon your need.

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Have confidence knowing that the agents at Reliance Realty Services are backed by the best marketing and technology in the industry.

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Top notch representation is key when you’re looking to buy real estate. Allow one of our expert agents to guide you through the process. 


The real estate industry is what economists refer to as a “rent seeking”. Industries that are considering rent seeking means that they extract more from a process or transaction than the value they add to it.  Other industries such as banking and financial services are also considered rent seeking just to give you a couple other examples.  Many consumers have known for years that real estate agents charge too much in light of the amount of work they put in on any particular transaction.  I’m certainly not suggesting that real estate agents not be paid for their services or that they don’t bring value to a consumer, because I do believe they should be paid and do bring value for the services they render.  However, I do contend that the amount charged for most transactions are absorbent and are not in light with the amount of value they bring to the process of selling or buying a home.  This is the genesis for sell1buy1realestate.    


At Sell1Buy1RealEstate, we truly do have a different business model that is seriously disrupting the real estate industry and for good reason. Gone are the days when you felt like you had no choice when selling your home, but to either pay 6% to a realtor for doing very little or the dreaded task of selling the home yourself. With the Sell1Buy1RealEstate model these are no longer you’re only two options. Our model will get you a higher price than selling yourself and save you thousands of dollars over the traditional real estate model of charging 6%.  If you’re buying a home, we can find you the home of your dreams and give you 1% of the purchase price when you purchase it. That is money in your pocket which can be put toward your down payment, closing costs or new furnishings for your home!  



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1209 Edgewater Drive 
Suite 203C, Orlando, Fl, 32804

Tel: (844) 900-0320


1201 West Peachtree Street, NW

Suite 2300

Atlanta, GA 30309


200 West Madison

Suite 2100

Chicago, IL 60606

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